A Bone Crusher is a brutal skeletal warrior who wields an enormous battle-axe and a golden shield resembling a form halfway between a face and a skull.

While its underlying form may appear thin, an unholy strength allows it to swing its weapons around with ease, including its armor – for a Bone Crusher’s armor is not merely a defensive shell. Augmented with the sharpened bones of past enemies, its barrel-chested breastplate serves as a deadly wrecking ball should an enemy survive a blow from its axe. A Bone Crusher equips armor with such bulk to communicate its superiority as a warrior.

At its peak in battle, a Bone Crusher will go on a rampage, chaining together a flurry of blows – with each kill propelling the warrior more viciously into the melee. While it lacks the swiftness of its other skeletal cousins, its sheer size and savagery more than make up for the difference.

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