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Wave Icon Name Amount Damage Type Defense type Reward
1 Crab Crab 36X Pierce Pierce Unarmored Unarmored 119 total
2 Hopper Hopper 45X Normal Normal Unarmored Unarmored 147 total
3 Scorpion Scorpion 40X Normal Normal Medium Medium 173 total
4 QuillShooter Quill Shooter 36 Pierce Pierce Heavy Heavy 194 total
5 FlyingChicken Flying Chicken 36X Magic Magic Light Light 196 total
6 Rocko Rocko 36X Siege Siege Fortified Fortified 198 total
7 Mantis Mantis 30X Pierce Pierce Light Light 200 total
8 DireToad Dire Toad 36X Magic Magic Medium Medium 200 total
9 Wale Wale 45X Normal Normal Heavy Heavy 251 total
10 Granddaddy Granddaddy 3X Chaos Chaos Light Light 213 total
11 Carapaces 54X Siege Siege Fortified Fortified 305 total
12 Kobra Kobra 45X Pierce Pierce Medium Medium 310 total
13 Skyfish Skyfish 34X Magic Magic Light Light 283 total
14 WaleChief Wale Chief 26X Normal Normal Medium Medium 362 total
15 KillerSlug Killer Slug 36X Normal Normal Heavy Heavy 379 total
16 Octopuses 45X Magic Magic Light Light 420 total
17 DrillGolem Drill Golem 34X Siege Siege Fortified Fortified 410 total
18 Sludges 45X Magic Magic Medium Medium 440 total
19 Cardinals 36X Pierce Pierce Light Light 450 total
20 Maccabeus Maccabeus 3X Chaos Chaos Heavy Heavy 500 total
21 Legion Lords 6X Chaos Chaos Unarmored Unarmored 0 total

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